Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steve Hamrick To Seek Kentucky Treasurer Position

Hopkinsville resident Steve Hamrick informed me this morning that he will seek the office of Kentucky State Treasurer and has mailed his "Letter of Intent" to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. Hamrick is associated with the college book business and is also an Education Consultant.

A native of Murray, Hamrick is an alumni of Murray State University, attended Georgetown University, and graduate school at Wichita State University. Hamrick has been an active participant in government and politics in Kentucky for almost 40 years. Regarding his interest in the treasurer's race Hamrick said, "We've become a state that's too divided. Yes, I believe Western Kentucky needs more voices in Frankfort but we need to start looking for ways to unify this Commonwealth. I think we need to start focusing on a circle that's inclusive, not just a triangle that represents one portion of the state."

Hamrick's background includes serving as the first County Planner for Marshall County Judge Mike Miller and later working at the Purchase Area Development District. Hamrick also worked for WCBL radio in Benton and served on the broadcast team for Marshall County Football. As a lead developer, Hamrick was instrumental in helping start the Purchase Training Center. During the Brown Administration, he served as Program Development Director for the Kentucky Private Industries Council. Marion County would select Steve Hamrick to serve as its first industrial & economic development director and he would also later be chosen as the first economic development director for Hopkinsville & Christian County. Hamrick's resume also includes having worked for the Kentucky State Park System. Steve father, the late Bill Hamrick, served as the first Superintendent of Ken-Lake State Park and the golf course is named in his honor.

As a former Executive Director of Capital Expo, Hamrick stated that he has been a committed supporter of the arts his entire life. "Community service and participating in activities that help our youth has always been an important part of my life," said Hamrick. Besides his involvement with Marshall County athletics, Hamrick served for many years as the football and basketball announcer for Hopkinsville High School.

Hamrick's political involvement covers 5 decades which includes serving in the campaigns of Grady Stumbo and former Governor John Y. Brown. Hamrick lost a close race to Tom Barlow in 1992 as the Republican nominee for Congress in the First District. Losing in 1994 to the eventual winner Ed Whitfield, Hamrick would serve as a State Co-Chairman of Republicans for Paul Patton for Governor Campaign. Hamrick switched back to the Democratic Party in the mid 90's. Although he has served on the Democratic County Executive Committees in Graves, Christian, Marshall and Franklin counties he said he expects some to be critical of him for having once been a republican. Hamrick said, "I'm reminded of the old saying you don't know how good it is to be a democrat unless you've been a republican first."

Hamrick stated that he has had to work hard his whole life and he believes it's time to get to work. Steves' wife Karen is a native of Louisville and they have 3 children and grand-children who reside there."I'll be working hard in Jefferson County this Summer trying to bend the triangle into a large circle to help restore political unity."


Anonymous said...

Steve should obtain his PhD and replace that moron Randy Dunn. He would do a much better job that classes ass clown that didn't even show up for the funeral of one of Murray's State most beloved alum and most highly regarded member of the community, Dr. Hal Houston. A man that savedamy lives and shaped many more. Many student-athletes from Hopkinsville and Murray are now successful practicing doctors because of Hal's dedication. Dunn was too busy traveling yet again on the university's dime. How about someone look into Dunn's spending. Steve will make a great Treasurer because he'll actually show up and do the job unlike the current Treasurer and unlike moron that occupies Wells Hall.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean classless ass clown Anonymous. Decent idea, but we need a local guy in the Executive Branch. We have great legislators but the Gov. has not done very much for western Kentucky and Hopkinsville. I appreciate what Mr. Hamrick said about working together and on both sides of the isle and minimizing the urban and rural divide in this state. Eventually that moron at Murray State will leave or get fired. That's if their board and faculty ever gets a backbone. I'm happy a local guy with experience is running! Go Steve! Put up a website and start raising funds!