Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hamrick Campaign Generating State Wide Support

Hopkinsville Democrat Steve Hamrick  states that he is very pleased with his campaigns progress to win the Democratic nomination for State Treasurer. Hamrick stated that his fundraising efforts have just begun.

 The campaigns first fundraiser was was held last week in Lousiville and was Co-hosted by State Senator Joey Pendleton, Rep. John Tilley, Klint Alexander, Michael Buckman and Melissa  Alexander. The event was hosted by Janet Buckman and Elizabeth Alexander at the Alexander home in  Louisville.

A recent audit of the State Treasurer's Office by State Auditor Crit Luallen showed that current State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach continues to fail in his responsibilities to properly manage the office and provide the necessary security to protect Kentucky taxpayers. Hamrick said, " Kentucky deserves a full-time State Treasurer who will managed the office properly." Hamrick said the auditor's report raised numerous red flags regarding the ability of Hollenbach to managed the office.

Steve Hamrick is a Murray native who has served on the Democratic Executive Committee in Graves, Christian, Marshall and Franklin Counties. During Gov. John Y. Brown's Administration, Hamrick served as the Program Development Director for the Kentucky Private Industries Council.

Hamrick brings a strong back ground in business having served both Marion and Christian Counties as Director of Economic Development. A graduate of Murray State University, Hamrick also attended Georgetown University and graduate school at Wichita State University.

"I believe that I can perform the duties of State Treasurer far better than our current Treasurer who is either unable or unwilling to correct the problems in his office," said Hamrick.  Hamrick also stated that he is encouraged by Democrats across Kentucky who recognize the importance of having a strong and well balanced Democratic Ticket in November.

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