Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Poll Released by The Lane Report

I thought that I would post some of these numbers which I read on Patrick Crowley's post at NKY.COM. You may visit there to see all the polling data that was released by The Lane Report. You know what I think about most polling, especially polling in August but I think there may be a trend or two. Time will tell. As always, I'll be the judge of that.

Poll conducted on the issue of expanded gambling in Kentucky:
Strongly Favor 19%
Somewhat Favor 30%
Somewhat Oppose 13%
Strongly Oppose 37%

In the Attorney General's Race:
Conway 33%
Wyatt Earp 20%
Undecided 45%

In the Auditor's Race:
Luallan 32%
Greenwell 26%
Undecided 40%

In the Treasurer's Race:
Hollenbach 39%
Wheeler 19%
Undecided 40%

In the Governor's Race:
Beshear 49%
Fletcher 31%
Undecided 16%

Now the question you have to ask is what does all this mean when the issues start hitting the T.V.? Abortion Rights, Gay Rights, Gun Control, Family Values, Education, Gambling, Integrity, Pardons, Corruption and Energy.

I think you will find the voters split down the middle with about 5-8% undecided going into the end of October. The Democrats are going to have to find some issue other than the issues above that will appeal to moderate/traditionalist rural voters in Western Kentucy. Not to mention being very organized and united at the local level.

As I have said all along-This may be more of an Attorney General's race than a Governor's race and if these numbers are accurate then we may also have an Auditor's race.

Todd Hollenbach's strength in Western Kentucky combined with his postions on gun control and abortion will make him a big winner in November. I predict he will carry the ticket in percentage margin of victory.

I would not count Bruce Hendrickson out just yet.

I have been a little surprised at how much time the Farmer supporters have spent at Democrat functions. I can't quite understand why he is getting so much support from liberal democrats. NOTE TO ALL UK FANS WHO ARE DEMOCRATS: Guess what?, don't worry about the future of the Democrat party or winning a U.S. Senate seat. Your continued slobbering over this guy from Clay County will probably put him in the Senate or the Governor's chair for 8 years!! There is a reason why they have puppy drownings.

Oh, well. It is your choice. But I was trying to remember something. Umh..Oh, yes! 1985 State Basketball Championship. Hopkinsville defeated Mr. Farmer and the boys from Clay County. Thought I'd slide that in. He can be beat. We know.

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Jeff Noble said...

We need Richie shooting threes for our side. I think there is a possibilty once he is reelected this fall.