Saturday, March 1, 2008

Amendment Dies: House Moving On

After making a few calls around the Commonwealth to Legislators it would seem apparent that there will not be enough votes to pass the amendment in the House. It is my understanding that House Leadership will not consider bringing the measure up unless they have a hard 63 or 64 votes. I was told that they could not get close to 60 more less round up 63 or 64.

It appears that the House has already decided to move on to other issues like the budget and no more time or consideration will be given to the amendment. I will leave the proponents of the issue to administer blame but I would say that an issue this big and complicated should have been worked out before the General Assembly convened.

This issue has consumed much of the General Assembly and now maybe we can start addressing the many issues that face Kentucky and work towards a bi-partisan solution to fund our many needs.