Thursday, March 20, 2008

Governor Beshear In Western Kentucky

The air was quite cold as I stood on the tarmac waiting for Gov. Beshear's plane to land last night. Finally at a little past 9pm Gov. Beshear and Rep. Tilley landed in Hopkinsville. It was good to see and chat with the Governor. After a short visit both Rep. Tilley and the Governor were eager to gain some rest.

This morning Gov. Beshear was the guest speaker at the Christian County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Agriculture/Agri-business Awards Breakfast. The Governor re-assured folks that he was a Governor from West Kentucky and for West Kentucky. Governor stated that it had been 32 years since we last had a Governor but West Kentucky would soon know his commitment to our end of the State.

Talking about the importance of agriculture to our State, Gov. Beshear also committed his support to the Military Tax Exemption Bill. The Governor stated that like many other things Kentucky would have to find a way to offset the expense but he was committed to doing his part.

The Governor will be continuing his West Kentucky tour today with a stop in Paducah for lunch with the Kiwanis club.

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