Friday, January 15, 2010

Constitution Party In West Kentucky

The West Kentucky Star reported that the Constitution Party in Western Kentucky was going to be hosting their regular meeting in Paducah which led my curiosity to look them up. If I was going to write a creed for what most Western Kentuckians believe in then I could have not done a better job than that which the Constitution Party advocates.

People in Rural Kentucky are not happy with the Democrats at the State or National level. I think they are not real happy with the Republicans either. People down here vote their beliefs and values not that of a political party. Every day 2010 shapes up like another 1994. With Congressman Tanner and Gordon getting out, Huntsville's Congressman switching to the Republican Party and the bad economy all leads one to surmise that Rural folks are not happy.

All politics are local and most Democrats down here are smart enough not to stick their neck out too much for the State or National Party. I think most have taken 1994 to heart and are not going to make the same mistakes of the past. Getting to far out in front of the crowd does not make one a leader. It might make you right but the only thing you will be leading after the November elections will be a boy Scout Troop or a life in the private sector.

What I found really interesting was that the guest speakers for the West Kentucky Constitution Party meeting are going to be Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham and a representative of the Kentucky Right to Life. I let you draw your own conclusions for now.

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