Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sen. Pendleton Elected Vice Chair of SLC Agriculture Committee

Sen. Joey Pendleton was elected vice chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) at its 64th annual meeting. Sen. Pendleton said, " I am honored to chosen vice chair of such an important committee. This position will not only provide me the opportunity to share ideas with my counterparts in other states, but also the concerns and issues facing the Commonwealth."

Sen. Pendleton, a farmer, added that the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee focuses on issues critical to the future of farming and farm communities. As the "engine of the economy," agriculture constitutes a vital sector of the economies of most Southern states.

Recent committee initiatives include updates on international trade and agriculture, consolidation in the farm sector, and conservation and farm land preservation. Other issues in which the Committee has long standing interests are the imported red fire ant, the status of the rural South, and food safety and security. The Committee has focused on the changing face of agriculture across America and conditions in the rural South. The status and future of rural communities is emerging as a major focus of the Committee. The Committee also works annually with public and private agencies, local and federal officials, and the land grant university system to assure the continued vitality of the region's farm and rural communities.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Committee is the oldest of the seven SLC standing committees. Sen. Pendleton represents the 3rd District which includes Christian, Todd, and Logan counties.

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