Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trey Grayson Ready to Run for Governor of Kentucky

Is Trey Grayson about to announce his candidacy for Governor of Kentucky? Sources close to Grayson tell me that he has decided to seek the Republican nomination next year. With all the talk of a Williams-Farmer slate one can expect that Grayson will choose someone from Jefferson County or maybe West Kentucky to be his running mate.

After Grayson's disastrous primary run for U.S. Senate most believe that Grayson has taken on new advisers and will not go down the same road with the McConnell folks this time. There is an old saying in politics that you will never win a race the same way twice and I think that probably should apply to losing.

After spending a week on the road in Louisville and Central Kentucky it has opened my eyes to a few things. It's not just Rural Kentucky that's unhappy-no its everywhere. Democrats and Republicans alike are ready for something more and new. I found in Louisville that Democrats are tired of the left wing and Republicans are tired of the right wing. The mood is about taxes, big government, regulations and the economy. No doubt that Kentucky is divided regionally on certain issues but I think in this election cycle there is more that unifies Kentucky than divides it when it comes to issues. 

Those who want to be successful in Kentucky would be well advised to listen to the folks on the street instead of towing the party line.


Anonymous said...

sec. trey grayson ran an adequate
campaign for an uncomplicated year,
the great recession we are in has
tea party people sent to the fore,
let alone complete unknowns like
alvin greene of south carolina...
trey grayson perhaps has the maturity
and the work ethic the governor's
mansion calls for in people...

Anonymous said...

i expect trey grayson to sit
in the governor's mansion some
time before his 70th year of life!
i feel that unlike gov. beshear,
he may be a sitting governor
before his hair turns white.
he is an erudite & able man.
the primary win by rand paul was
clearly a total rather than partial
upset, in light of subsequent events!