Friday, October 1, 2010

Beshear Stepping Up West Kentucky Efforts

Governor Beshear and his administration seem to be finding their way to Western Kentucky quite a bit these days. In the last few weeks Beshear has worked to help bring some jobs to Madisonville and Hopkinsville. Beshear appeared in Madisonville with representatives of General Electric to provide them some help while also meeting privately with executives who are considering Hopkinsville as a site for a manufacturing plant. There have even been a few appointments for West Kentuckians in recent weeks. A Beshear fundraiser was held in Hopkinsville a couple of weeks ago and sources have estimated the event raised $30,000.

Dan Mongiardo has also been spending a lot of time in West Kentucky in his official role as Lt. Governor. Mongiardo has been addressing and listening to some of the needs in this end of the state while also talking about issues that are dear to him.

I have confirmed that there is an effort to organize an independent slate for Governor/Lt. Governor for 2011. Organizational calls have been coming out of the Purchase Area. People have been disappointed in the lack of attention paid to West Kentucky and it would seem that Beshear's actions as of late would signify that maybe he's working to repair and restore some confidence in this end of the state. I'm not sure that an Independent slate is necessary the right answer to address West Kentucky's concern.

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