Friday, October 1, 2010

Rep. James Comer Considering Agriculture Race

Rep. James Comer of Tompkinsville told me today that he very close to making a final decision about running for Commissioner of Agriculture. "I've been traveling around the state talking to people and I am very seriously considering it", said Rep. Comer.

Since his graduation from Western Kentucky University, the 38 year old farmer from Monroe County has accumulated four farms on his own totaling 950 acres. "I didn't inherit any land", said Comer. The self-reliant Comer commented that he thought that timber was one of the most under utilized crops in Kentucky.

Regarding agriculture Comer stated, "We have unlimited opportunity in Kentucky. Technology is always changing and we stay busy trying to keep up with it." Keeping an open mind and being progressive when it comes to agriculture is very important to the future of Kentucky's agriculture success stated Comer. Opening new markets for Kentucky produce and expanding the Kentucky Proud Program would be initiatives that Comer would champion as Commissioner of Agriculture. Comer is an advocate of government transparency and stated that he would be committed to making the State Agriculture Department completely transparent for the taxpayers online. Comer said that he also would propose putting the resumes of agriculture department employees online so Kentuckians could rest assured that positions were being filled with qualified people not just political appointees.

When asked about the present status of the Agriculture Department Comer said, " There are a lot of good people who work there who have agriculture's best interest in mind." Rep. Comer also commented that he thought that the Agriculture Department was one of the better departments in state government but said, "I believe it's like everything else in state government-it can be improved."

With regard to his role as a member of the House Agriculture Committee Comer stated that he enjoys working on the House Committee and that the Committees' success was due to the truly non-partisan manner in which business is conducted. Rep. Comer also sits on the Appropriation & Revenue Committee and the Banking & Insurance Committee.

Rep. James Comer represents Kentucky House District 53 which is comprised of Cumberland, Green, Metcalfe and Monroe Counties.

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