Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Conway Not Interested In Rural Kentucky Support

A house divided... you know the line. I can't say that I'm surprised about Jack Conway's lack of effort or desire to kiss and make up with Rural Kentucky. I've seen this so many times from urban candidates that the only thing I can't figure out is whether it's arrogance or stupidity or both. I should have posted this story yesterday because I had the scoop after speaking with Mongiardo staffers but the credit goes to Karla Ward at the Lexington Herald-Leader. Ward quoted Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo as saying that he would not be taking a position in the U.S. Senate race.

Sources within the Mongiardo campaign confirmed that Conway has put little effort into trying to win Mongiardo over. In fact, I'm told that actions by the Conway campaign can be best described as offensive to Mongiardo and Rural Kentucky. One Mongiardo staffer who applied for a position with the Conway campaign was told in an interview that they were from West Kentucky and that meant that they were not progressive enough to work for Jack Conway.

I guess the question now is whether Rural Kentuckians are progressive enough to vote for Conway. At this point I'm afraid that the only progressive movement that will be made by Rural Kentucky will be a progressive movement to the Rand Paul side of the tracks. West Kentucky rarely needs an excuse to vote Republican and its the responsibility of any Democrat who wants to be elected, to not only empower moderate and conservatives in Rural Kentucky, but also to convince them in blood that they are not going to fall lock step behind the much too liberal democrats in Washington.

Bill Cox once shared a story with me about how he and his father the late Rep. John Henry Cox ran into Henry Ward outside the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville. Ward was the democrat nominee for governor that year. Ward approached Cox and commented that although he and John Henry Cox had differences,that He (Ward) still valued his opinion. Henry Ward asked Rep. Cox what would be the one thing he could do to be elected Governor of Kentucky in November. John Henry Cox replied, "Get on a damn plane and go to Florida and stay there until after the election is over." Ward was defeated in general election by Louie Nunn.

Rand Paul 49%
Jack Conway 42%
**Minus Rural Kentucky Democrats Not Factored In

Well, the latest polling in the Senate race came out a few hours ago and Rasmussen reports that Rand Paul is leading 49%-42%. If you factor in that Conway will not have the support of Lt. Gov. Dr. Dan Mongiardo, Conway's lack of wanting to empower Rural Kentucky not too mention an apparent lack of respect then its probably going to be tough going for Conway come November.

It sounds like Jack Conway may need to heed the advice John Henry Cox gave Henry Ward all those years ago-Pack a bag and sun tan lotion.

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Anonymous said...

You article is completely false. anonymity is my friend, but my sources are far superior. Jack Conway has reached out several times, only to have Mongiardo attempt to extort him. Mongiardo is demanding all his campaign debts be paid by Conway in exchange for support. Furthermore, the FBI is investigating Mongiardo for stealing 5000 votes in the primary. You heard it here folks, voter fraud. That's what's really happening. Your article is inaccurate & misleading.