Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Harry Lee Waterfield Coming Home to West Kentucky

The announcement that Harry Lee Waterfield Jr. had been appointed to the Murray State Board of Regents came as welcomed news for folks all across Western Kentucky. Decisions made by Randy Dunn the President of MSU have left many people across the region shaking their heads in recent years.

Many have felt locked out the room while certain areas of the region remain without a voice on the board. The appointment of Harry Lee Waterfield Jr. will no doubt go a long way in restoring confidence and bringing equity to those whose voices have been silenced.

Harry Lee Waterfield Jr. told me yesterday that he was excited about the appointment and the opportunity to come home to his native Western Kentucky to serve the University his father helped build. Harry Lee Waterfield Jr. is the son of former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Harry Lee Waterfield Sr. Governor Waterfield was elected twice Kentucky's Lt. Governor serving under Happy Chandler and then Ned Breathitt.

Harry Lee Waterfield Jr. currently serves as President of Investors Heritage Insurance in Frankfort. I am personally gratified by this appointment and know this may be the best appointment West Kentucky as received in the Beshear Administration. I claim a political heritage that includes Chandler, Waterfield and Collins so I share a sense of pride that Harry Lee Waterfield is coming home.

I really enjoyed talking with Harry Lee yesterday and sharing some memories of mutual friends and years gone by. I avoided all the controversial subjects because I know Harry Lee Waterfield will do what's in the best interest of Murray State University and the people of Western Kentucky. I will also say thank you Governor Beshear.


Anonymous said...

Why not talk about the MSU problems? I would like to know how the new board will handle the problems MSU is having. Are they going to look into how money is being spent? Why are there no funds for recruitment, faculty and staff raises? Yet at least 4 MSU folks went to DC for the Clay dinner? How much travel by the Dunns and 2 VP's costing MSU? How can there be a 65% increase in gifts to the university in a down economy. No other school is seeing that much succes in that area. Are they lying? Who was really behind Sen. Pendleton's firing and why was there a complaint against him? Was the MSU president involved? It is time for people to learn just how fast MSU is sinking. If you are going post a comment about MSU problems then at least mention them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the first order of business Mr. Waterfield should take care of is preventing Murray's First Lady from is singing the National Anthem. She is horrible. She was bad the 1st time at the MSU basketball game and she managed to sound worse at Freedom Fest. They need to get rid of these embarassing fools and their "yes" men and women they have surrounded themselves with. This president and his team have ran Murray into the ground. Please Harry Lee do something about this!