Friday, April 3, 2009

Chandler & Yarmuth Betray Kentucky Farmers

This is almost a repeat of the nightmare scenario Rural Kentucky faced during Clinton's first term as President. Congressman Henry Waxman who represents Beverly Hills, Malibu and Hollywood in California's 30th district has finally gotten his way.

Waxman who failed in the early 90's in his bid to allow the FDA to regulate the tobacco industry has finally succeeded with the help of two Kentucky Congressman.

It was an "end move" then and now to regulate the tobacco industry and the tobacco farmers out of business. The FDA which has done more harm than good to American families will now have a green light to destroy the tobacco industry if passed by the Senate.

I have to say that I'm surprised by Ben Chandler's vote because he has now lost any opportunity to ever run successfully for Governor. I'm trying to think of the name of a certain book. I believe it was called Uncle Ben's Cabin. Yarmuth on the other hand is Liberal Louisville Congressman who will never be anything but a Liberal Louisville Congressman. He is smart enough to never give us the opportunity to vote against him.

It was actions like these that led to 108 Congressman losing their job in 1994. 108 congressional districts went to the polls and said no to people like Henry Waxman and the Clinton Agenda. Obama received no mandate and no vote from Rural Kentucky or America. Obama carried maybe 8 counties out of 120 in Kentucky.

The time has come for Rural Democrats to hold all candidates to a strict litmus test before voting for them. Rural Kentucky has done a good job with Federal elections but the time has come to start holding Democrat legislators and local officials accountable for the actions of the National Democrat Party. A free pass has been granted for too long. If local officials support legislation like this then they need to come out and say so instead of talking out both sides of their mouth.

Once again the opportunity for farmers and an industry important to us is diminished by the Liberal Democrats. Be sure to remember the likes of Chandler and Yarmuth and while your at it be sure to thank Congressman Ed Whitfield. You might even want to send him a contribution because the Democrats are not looking out for our interest in Washington.

Also the next time your picking up a few items at Southern States, Tractor Supply or the Rural King in Beverly Hills, California be sure to stop by Congressman Waxman's office and let him know you appreciate his interest in supporting the family farms of America.

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