Friday, April 3, 2009

Harold Knight to Co-Chair Mongiardo Campaign

I received a number of responses from my post on the Senate race which vented and reemphasized the nature of Western Kentucky. First let me say I appreciated my old buddy Jeff Noble who posted my thoughts on his Louisville Website. As Jeff mentioned we don't agree on a number of issues but we always seem to find common ground and move forward on what we do agree on.

I spoke with a number of key Mongiardo supporters who agreed with a number of my comments but also wanted to set me straight regarding Mongiardo's commitment to Western Kentucky. One source shared with me for which I was glad to hear, that Harold Knight, one half of the legendary Knight & Hale Duck and Game Calls, will be serving as State Co-Chair of the Monjiardo Campaign. Harold is known to sportsmen around the Nation. A native of Trigg County, Harold Knight was key to organizing hunters and Sportspeople(let's be politically correct here) around Kentucky for the Beshear/Mongiardo Ticket in 2007.

This is a pretty good lick for the Mongiardo Team in Rural Kentucky. I was also told that while many questioned the manner of Governor Beshears support they were glad to have it regardless of what it might provide or not provide. It would probably mean more in the Urban areas then the Rural areas anyway. The 2007 General Election showed that Governor Beshear was packed by the rest of the ticket in Western Kentucky. It sounded to me like the Mongiardo folks never expected much from Beshear and did not plan on much help from him anyway. I've yet to hear from any Conway folks so I can't add anything here on a possibly run by them.

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