Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jack Conway Entering Race for Senate

It appears there will be a Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate Seat now being held by Jim Bunning. A couple polls have been released in the past few days to indicate Bunning is very weak.

Dr. Dan has raised a record amount of money through the first quarter and has been running hard in Western Kentucky. I will bring some thoughts later today after I have gone through the cross tabs but at first glance there is a lot of undecided and who knows how polarized things will be by August.

A Primary means lots of ammunition for the Republicans in the Fall especially if Trey Grayson ends up the Republican nominee.

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Brian said...

Should be interesting. A lot of votes Dan will have to make up in the "Golden Triangle". The thing I hate is I never see Conway down here. Seems like he snubs us every chance he gets. He doesn't come to Fancy Farm, JJ dinners, etc... but he talks and looks good. I see Dan winning east and west, Jack in the triangle. Key will be whoever can chip into the other's home base the most.