Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Awakening or The Purge

In the wake of my recent comments I have received many emails and phone calls. Most agreeing with me, some disappointed and well some just trying to appease me or humor me.

I have Liberrrrrrral friends who I love and admire but we just differ on many issues and government's role in society. I have Conservative friends who I feel the same way about. As I'm fond of saying the left wing has ruined the Democrat Party and the Right wing has ruined the Republican Party.

The Democrat Primary for U.S. Senate at present does represent a huge divide in Kentucky. Rural Kentucky versus the Golden Triangle. I have always been pragmatic about politics and campaigns. I usually say what others won't. As I tell my friends who participate in the process- politics is about politicians. I've never believed politics or government to be a noble cause to make Kentucky, the Nation or the World a better place. You want to make the world a better place then go to church or join your favorite civic group.

Politics runs the engine of government. For those who are practitioners of the art of politics then their goal is to represent the beliefs and values of their constituency. Being successful and staying elected means getting your folks the pork and projects. Again if you seek truth and justice then go to church.

The Liberals entertain and deceive themselves by operating under the mask of honesty and social justice while at the same time vying for the same results as any politician-Projects, Pork and Patronage. They call it good government, I call it hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy-it abounds at every level and no politician or faction is immune to it. I just think West and Rural Kentucky is a little bit less hypocritical when it comes to our expectations.

Expectations-Well what are they? Our expectations for Liberal candidates is simply this- If we bother to help you get elected its not because you earned it, deserved it or are entitled to it. No, it comes with a price. We only meet you half way because we expect lots in return-Pork, Patronage and Projects. The price is far too high for us to openly support you very often and if there is nothing to gain by doing so then we are better off following our constituencies as opposed to pushing them in directions they don't care to go.

I know that I hurt the feelings of some of my Liberal friends who truly believe that we (Rural Kentucky) are on the verge of a "Great Awakening", shedding all our religious beliefs, values and prejudices in the name of a greater calling in politics and government. Ok, I can live with that but I ain't seeing it or feeling it. In fact just the opposite.

Gov. Beshear made it to the winner's circle because his opposition broke both his legs in the back stretch. (It's Derby time. I said people down here don't care, I did not say that I didn't like the Derby). You can hear the displeasure from the coffee shops to the Pulpits. They don't need Karl Rove or Rush to get stirred up. Believe it or not people down here occasionally read, listen and think for themselves.

Folks are not against progress. They are just not interested in paying for it. Folks are not against clean coal or being more environmentally friendly. They are not interested in paying for it. The economy is bad and people are interested in hearing about how politicians are going to lower the cost of utilities not mandating regulations for which the cost will be passed along to the consumer. Urban and Rural Kentucky share many of the same concerns but the difference is we are not for government leading the way or having our taxes or cost of living raised.

Regarding our little Senate Race that is heating up: I like Jack Conway personally. My State Representative John Tilley made me help him some in the General Election. I met him a couple of times, liked him and was impressed with him. He did not seem offended by me when he shook my hand and accepted my checks. I don't agree with many of his positions but I do wish we could have more candidates like Jack in Rural Kentucky who are intelligent, good looking and communicate well. Jack has all the tools but lacks any serious connection to Rural Kentucky. The Conway campaign has created some big problems for themselves in Rural Kentucky with most of his early endorsements coming from folks that don't play well down here. Right or wrong Jack will have to answer to a number of positions he has taken and having kin folk in Union County won't help him much in this race.

Dr. Dan lines up much better on the issues with Rural Kentucky. Abortion, Coal and Gay Marriage will always be issues in Rural Kentucky regardless of what I may think. People down here did not support Obama and they are not going to provide a vote to help sustain a Liberal Democrat Senate. As many have said and I agree, this race will come down to who can cut into the other's base more. Rumors are all over the place regarding this race. Kentucky Democrats are going to be bitterly divided either way after it is finished.

The KDP and this Administration I've been told in the last few days does get it.(Sorry I was wrong). There is no plan or willingness to empower Conservative Democrats or Rural Kentucky. We are to join the Liberals or become Republicans. No one is interested in dealing with us anymore. It's the DNC's way or the highway. I was surprised by this since we packed the Democrats in 2007 and all we heard was "what can we do for you?" and up to this point that's equalled nothing. I guess the line has been drawn in the sand. Hey, we are the ones that usually do that. Oh well, it is- what it is but just remember the difference is Urban Kentucky is more apt to support any Democrat nominee over the Republican whereas Rural Kentucky is more than willing to vote for a Republican as history has shown. Whether it's Conway or Dr. Dan, the Democrats better pray that Bunning stays in the race.

Both candidates have their work cut out for them. The candidate who can appeal to the middle will win this Primary but if anyone thinks they can hold hands with Washington, Obama and the DNC and get elected in November. Well, let's just put it this way. Don't come crying to us for help like in 2007, because we will be too busy sitting in the pews singing "Amazing Grace how sweet the sound."

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