Friday, September 11, 2009

Conway's Office Threatens National Activist

While scanning the blog world this morning I found an interesting link offered up by Page One

My curiosity led me to follow it to an article in the Salem-News . After reading the article I decided to investigate and hear for myself the details regarding this situation.

I don't think Marianne Skolek ever expected to become one the Nations high profile activist/advocates pursuing the pharmaceutical industry and companies like Purdue Pharma. I don't think Marianne Skolek ever expected her daughter Jill Carol to die as a victim of Oxy Contin in 2002.

Skolek has helped the FDA and States hold Purdue Pharma accountable. When she heard that Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway accepted a $50,000 grant from the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI), she could not believe it. Skolek claims that NADDI is indirectly funded by none other than Purdue Pharma.

When Skolek called Jack Conway's office to inform them and discuss what she considers a very poor decision on Conway's part what did she get. Well- she got threatened to be charged with Jury Tampering by an Assistant Attorney General. Wow!! I don't think Marianne was shaking in her boots then or now. Apparently at the end of the conversation the Assistant Attorney General decided to retract his threat says Skolek. Apparently Kentucky is involved in litigation in, I think she said, New York. A case that has not even come to trial yet.

Marianne Skolek continues to pursue this cause through public awareness. She continues to write on this issue for the Salem-News and also has a book coming out soon.

Skolek seemed surprised when I told her that Jack Conway was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky. We both wondered out loud if Conway has excepted and if so, how much from the pharmaceutical industry. "Having worked long and hard on this issue for seven and half years and then have your Attorney General shake hands with an organization connected with Purdue is a slap in the face", said Skolek.

"Companies like Purdue have no conscience, this is a full time job and what I find everyday never ceases to amaze me."

After talking with Marianne about the severity of the drug problem and prescription drug problems that plague Kentucky I kinda felt like I should apologize but I didn't. I think Attorney General Conway needs to look into this matter and and apologize himself. As far as the $50,000 grant goes, maybe Conway needs to investigate this himself. If any of this money has come directly or indirectly from Purdue Pharma then we probably need to give it back. In fairness to Conway's office I really don't think that they would have knowingly accepted this money if it has the ties as claimed by Marianne Skolek.

With a little homework Jack Conway should be able to put this issue to bed but his office I think, owes Marianne Skolek an apology for being a tad bit over zealous and maybe a little too defensive. Make lemonade out of lemon's Jack-invite Marianne Skolek to Kentucky to help you in this fight against prescription drug addiction.

As far as Marianne Skolek is concerned she said, "I will continue to be the voice of my daughter and fighting the greedy pharmaceutical companies."

Marianne Skolek can be reached at

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