Friday, September 11, 2009

West KY Fire Fighters Respond to Greenville Fire

Fire Fighters from surrounding cities responded to Greenville's call for help late last night. A fire that could have swept through much of Greenville's Downtown area was contained thanks to the response of fire departments in Western Kentucky.
My media contact at the Leader-News in Central City confirmed that the fire started at Lynn's Diner. The Fire was contained to the Diner and another adjacent structure. The call for help went out sometime after 11:00 pm for more fire fighters and equipment.
Madisonville Mayor Will Cox authorized his fire chief and a Ladder Truck to assist the City of Greenville in their efforts to save the downtown. While all the details are not available, it is my understanding that the City of Owensboro along with a number of other communities answered the call.
Apparently it took all night to contain the fire to make sure it did not spread to other buildings. Mayor Cox reported to me that his firemen did not return to Madisonville until 8:00 am this morning.

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