Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dave Stengel Will Cost Jefferson Co. Millions

In a correct and just decision a Louisville-Jefferson County Jury found former Pleasure Ridge Park football coach Jason Stinson not guilty of charges. Stinson had been charged with reckless homicide and wanton endangerment involving the on the field death of Max Gilpin.

A case where everyone jumped to conclusions- Jefferson County School System, the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and the Media led to an unfounded witch hunt, of the likes that no one has seen before. It took the Louisville Courier Journal weeks if not months to start providing the facts instead of capitalizing on the tragedy it self. We don't expect much more from such a rag as the CJ. At least I am thankful they were smart enough to point & shoot a camera so the public could watch much of the trial.

Unfortunately this case is not over and for the family of Max Gilpin they like Coach Stinson have been put through hell all for some headlines. So whats left to be done? Coach Stinson will sue and rightfully so for the malicious prosecution of this case. He should hold the Jefferson County School System and the KHSAA accountable for if nothing else their cowardice. I'm betting that Stengel and their insurer will settle out of court for millions. I hope KACO does not insure them they don't need another hit right now. You can bet that the insurer who ever they may be will demand a confidential agreement to settle so the tax payers will never get to know.

I heard and I am proud that football coaches around Kentucky and the South raised $70,000 for Coach Stinson's defense. I bet they are motivated now to raise twice that to help someone run against Dave Stengel. Did anyone else find it surprising that Stengel dumped this case off on a couple of assistants? Well, that's normal for most elected prosecutors-they take the credit when its all good and send in the assistants when its time to get eaten by the lions.

I have a campaign slogan for Stengel- "Politics before Justice". I bet Stengel throws a few back tonight. At the Commonwealth Attorney's website it boldly proclaims:

"Aggressive, competent & ethical prosecution of criminal cases.."

Well Dave- 1 out of 3 ain't real good in my book. You now might consider the importance of stamina and getting in shape because I bet if your going to stay in politics your going to really need to prepare for your next race. Thanks Dave for ruining people's lives and costing the taxpayers millions.

Sorry Dave we don't give helmet stickers out for performances like yours which may lead you to consider-as coaches like to say-"Taking it to the house".

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