Friday, September 11, 2009

Hollenbach Doing What Others Won't

I understand that it is hard for elected officials to balance their positions with family and political life. But when your elected you assume a certain amount responsibility and sacrifice that comes with the job.

In 2007 I traveled to the Purchase to Columbus-Belmont State Park for this event. I reported what a great event it was. Yes, it was election year. Yes there were hundreds of people there. The Democrat nominee Steve Beshear was supposed to have been there but was a no-show. I had decided to go on behalf of Todd Hollenbach Jr. because he had a conflict but had not committed to be there.Coach Joe B. Hall was recruited within a couple of hours to come save the day.

Fast Forward to this year for the Hickman County Democratic Fish Fry. We have two big name candidates seeking the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate. Both are going to be at the St. John's Picnic in McCracken County so why not make it a point to attend the functions of smaller, Rural Counties especially when your in the area.

In the case of Hickman County, Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo committed to coming and Conway did not. I really think both candidates ought to make every attempt to be at County Party functions. Fundraisers and events should take a back seat in the schedule.

The State Party Chairman and the Governor should be strongly urging our Democrat State Office holders to divide up the Party functions to at least insure that one official will be in attendance at each event instead everyone showing up to speak at the big ticket events. This would also not too much burden on any one State Office holder.

I was speaking with State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach regarding this issue and we both agreed on how hard it is sometimes to juggle everything but Todd did agree that Rural Kentucky was probably getting the short end of the stick and being ignored.

Regarding the Hickman Co. Dinner, Todd Hollenbach agreed that more attention should be paid to our Rural Counties and said that he was going to do his best to attend the Hickman County Democratic Fish Fry on Saturday Evening.

Hollenbach who has never taken Rural Kentucky or West Kentucky for granted saw the fruits of his labor in 2007. I can't remember the last time a successful candidate from Jefferson County posted his 4 best county results in Western Kentucky. Hollenbach carried the Democratic Ticket in Christian & Trigg County as well as racking up in Marshall and Calloway.

I appreciate Todd Hollenbach making the effort to come all the way down to far West Kentucky and I know the Democrats of Hickman County and the Purchase Area will to.

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