Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kentucky Politics: "The Baby Bourbon Bottle Session"

As legislators are fond of saying "the devil is in the details."Lawmakers tell me they have an agreement in principle on most issues but as many as 75-100 "specifics" are yet to be ironed out. The "specifics" are the exact language and numbers that apply to the legislation. It would appear that 5 days is not going to be enough time to reach an agreement. The consensus seems to be taking into account the holiday, that as much as 2 weeks will be needed.

The road plan lacks an agreement and may very well be scrapped. Kentucky would work off the existing 6 year plan if legislators choose not to pass one this year. House Democrats don't care to be offered an "all or nothing" proposition but would rather have as many as 4 options to choose from. Some Democrats have told me that they prefer to re-visit the road plan in January as opposed to allowing the Republicans any projects to campaign with in November.

Schools that have been rated a category 5 which are deemed the highest priority for replacement will be provided funding this session. Although education is not immune to politics in Kentucky it would seem that both Democrats and Republicans have decided not to hold these dilapidated schools hostage.

No word on charter schools but it sounds like Kentucky Distilleries will carry the day in their effort to be able to dispense samples of Kentucky Bourbon at events.

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