Wednesday, May 19, 2010

West Kentucky: Post Election Notes

Trigg County Attorney H.B. Quinn was upset last night by Randall Braboy. Quinn had served for over 20 years and was facing his first challenge. Most considered that Quinn would be re-elected.

Peanuts Gaines the sheriff of Warren County won the primary again by 63% of the vote. Gaines has served-well let's just say no one can remember when he was not the sheriff.

Rep.Jim Gooch (12th House District) rolled through his opposition by winning 77.8% of the vote.

Michael Duncan( 10th House District) of Dawson Springs won the Democratic nomination to replace Eddie Ballard in Hopkins County. Duncan defeated Monroe Slaton winning 52.69% of the vote.

Brock Thomas the incumbent Caldwell County Judge Executive won his primary by carrying 56% of the vote. Also in Caldwell County- Rodney Heaton won the primary for a spot on the Fiscal Court by winning 28% of the vote in a 4 way race. Heaton was endorsed by Sen. Joey Pendleton.


Not any surprises other than the turnout was even lower than predicted in many counties. The low turn out state wide made the race very close. Conway did not fare well in Western Kentucky as expected. Most agree that the low turnout can be chalked up to the fact that people are waiting to vote Republican in November.

Paul has a few issues that will could hurt him with farmers, military and veterans but Conway has serious negatives with his stance on coal, guns, abortion and gay rights. West Kentucky will probably be very tough on the Democrats come November.


Rep.Tom Riner in the 41st house district won his primary carrying 61% of the votes.

Rep.Sannie Overly won the Democratic primary in the 72nd house district. Probably the only race that really mattered in Kentucky.

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