Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mongiardo Covers State In Kentucky Senate Race

Dr. Dan Mongiardo is taking no chances and leaving no stone unturned in his bid to win back a Senate seat for Kentucky Democrats. Mongiardo is a moderate democrat from Rural Kentucky and is considered the best and only candidate who will keep Democrats from voting Republican in November. Mongiardo is not as conservative as the left wing liberals would have you believe nor is he as liberal as some right wing conservatives would have you believe.

Mongiardo strikes the best balance for Kentucky Democrats in a state that is very diverse. While Conway is an attractive candidate and no doubt intelligent and politically savvy, he formed his campaign with the heavy weights at the DNC at a time that most Kentuckians are dissatisfied with party leadership. The race mirrors the nation in regard to the divide between rural voters and urban voters. The winner (I think) will be the one that can convince the voters that they will be able to strike that balance when it comes to representing them. In Western Kentucky I have not seen Conway earn the support of moderate or conservative democrats.

As the campaign comes to a close Mongiardo has chosen to spend the last week with the people of Kentucky as he travels across the state visiting 5 or 6 counties a day. I have included the West Kentucky schedule for those who are interested.


*8:00 am cst- MURRAY- at Judicial Building

9:40 am cst- BENTON- at Cactus Grill, 109 Carroll Rd. Draffenville

11:20 am cst- MAYFIELD- at City Hall

1:00 pm cst- FULTON- at Pontotoc Community Building

2:30 pm cst- CLINTON- at Senior Citizens Building

3:45 pm cst- BARDWELL- County Judge Executives Office

5:00 pm cst- LA CENTER- Chamber of Commerce Building


7:00 am cst- CADIZ-at Cadiz Restaurant

8:00 am cst- HOPKINSVILLE-at Pennyrile Allied Community Services on Liberty

10:30 am cst- MADISONVILLE-on Court House Steps

12:30 pm cst- HENDERSON- at Judicial Center


at Nolin Rural Electric Cooperative Building

For more information contact:

Annette Lee- 859-951-8052 or

Emily Gallt-502-226-4841 or

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joshuachayne said...

Didn't he co-sponsor the amendment that banned gay marriage and civil unions in 2004?

They didn't have to ban civil unions too.

He will not be getting my vote.