Monday, May 17, 2010

West KY Clerks Predict Voter Turn Out

The predictions for voter turnout made by County Clerks in the First Congressional District appears to vary from county to county. I have tried to provide as many counties as possible but many clerks were out setting up voting machines as one might expect. I did ask each clerk if the U.S. Senate race had generated much interest in their respective counties. With the exception of one clerk all responded with a "NO". Most said there was little to no activity regarding yard signs and or not much TV advertising. All commented about how negative the senate races had gotten which they believed had accounted for at least some of the apparent lack of interest. An over whelming majority said this would not be the case in November and expected a huge turnout then. Probably not a good sign for the Democrats or incumbents.

"It's too wet to plant and not wet enough to frizzle the ladies hair"- Christian County Clerk, Mike Kem

Christian County Clerk Mike Kem said that he expected a 30% turnout. "I think it will be a little more than normal because it's too wet to plant and not wet enough to frizzle the ladies hair." There are 36,061 registered Republicans and Democrats in Christian County.

Ballard County Clerk Lynn Lane said she expects 30-40% turnout which is much lower than normal. Lane said, "historically we vote 60-75%." The only contested county wide race is the Jailer's race although 4 of 5 magistrate districts are contested.

Trigg County Clerk Wanda Thomas predicted voter turnout at 32% for Trigg County. There are 10,012 registered R's & D's in Trigg County. Thomas stated that there has been 600 new registered voters in the last 4 years. County Attorney H.B. Quinn has opposition for the first time since being elected in the 80's. There are 4 magistrate races and a sheriff's race on the ballot. Thomas stated that there had not been much activity in the senate race but hoped that voters would decide to take it seriously because it was important.

Todd County Clerk Billy Fowler said that his county would probably be around the 50% mark. Fowler alluded to the number of local races on the ballot. Fowler said there were 6 candidates for sheriff, 2 for county clerk and 6 candidates for magistrate in district 2 alone. In regard to the senate race Fowler said, "I don't think people even know who is running."

Hopkins County Clerk Devra Steckler is expecting about 30% of the voters in Hopkins County to turn out. Steckler said the senate race had not generated very much enthusiasm for which she credited to the negative campaigning. "Voters don't like all the bad mouthing", said Steckler.

Caldwell County Clerk Toni Watson was very optimistic about voters turning out. Watson said she thought turnout would be between 50-55% but thought it may go as high as 60%. In regard to local interest in the senate race Watson said, "there is some interest but not much."

Calloway County Clerk Ray Coursey expects 30-35% of voters to turnout in Calloway County. Coursey noted that there were 26 candidates for 12 spots on the Murray City Council, 3 running for mayor, 2 magistrate races and a contested sheriff's race.Murray's council and mayor races are non-partisan. Regarding interest in the senate race Coursey said, "there is interest among the party faithful but that's it. Independent minded voters will vote in November."

Henderson County Clerk Renny Matthews is expects 40-45% voter turnout based on past elections. Matthews believes that local races have generated a lot of interest. "We have heated races here," said Matthews. The race for U.S. Senate had generated some interest in Matthews opinion.

Graves County Clerk Barry Kennemore said he was hoping for 40-50% turnout in the county. Regarding the senate race Kennemore said,"Not much interest in the senate race".

McCracken County Clerk Jeff Jerrell office stated that Mr. Jerrell predicted a very light turnout around 15-20%.

Marshall County Clerk Dianne McKendree is making her first prediction as Clerk and estimates a voter turn out in Marshall County at 50% or higher.

Carlisle County Clerk Theresa Owens does not expect more than a 20% turnout even though the U.S. Senate race had generated a lot of interest.

Lyon County Clerk Sarah Defew says voter turn out is usually very good and she expects any where from 63-68%. Defew said, "there is no interest in the senate race, people are waiting until November."

Logan County Clerk Scotty Harper said he was not sure about the turnout but would guess a low to moderate one. Regarding the senate race Harper said, "I have not heard much about it."

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