Monday, May 10, 2010

The Wendell Ford Legacy: 1994

The Wendell Ford legacy is not necessary one to be proud of if your a democrat from Rural Kentucky. If you recall 1994, Ford was in his hay day of power as Majority Whip and the undisputed king of the Kentucky Democratic Party. When the opportunity presented itself for Ford to stand up to the Clinton Administration and stand behind Kentucky traditions and beliefs, what did Wendell Ford do? He sold out Kentucky and Kentuckians responded by wiping out the Democrats.

Issue after issue, Wendell Ford sat idle and let the liberal establishment do whatever they wanted. Because of Ford the Kentucky Democratic Party has never recovered and probably never will. It's unfortunate but for some reason Kentucky Democrats have always had an inferiority complex or felt the need to be validated by the east coast liberals. Why I don't know. My Mother always said that there was nothing wrong with being nice to people but that didn't mean you had to invite them home for dinner. Some where along the line I guess Ford decided he liked having dinner at their house instead of coming home to Kentucky to have dinner.I find it ironic that the KDP headquarters which bears his name resembles the present condition of the Kentucky Democratic Party-empty,dilapidated,disingenuous, and wore out.

I do know that Rural Democrats hold people like Wendell Ford and Bill Clinton responsible for destroying our party in Kentucky.The farmers have not forgotten. The military has not forgotten. The veterans have not forgotten. The gun owners have not forgotten. Home schoolers have not forgotten. Christians have not forgotten.

Now, Wendell Ford wants us to vote for Jack Conway? I guess I would like to ask the good Senator if he expects Jack Conway to continue where he left off- Selling out the values and traditions of Rural Kentucky Democrats. Ford had his moments but in the end he sold out his own people to be popular in Washington. Light one up Senator and let's lose a few more seats for old time sakes-how bout it!!

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