Thursday, September 20, 2007

Campaigns Picking Up Speed

A busy day today. The news of Beshear's polling numbers not good for the Republicans or their down ticket. Even Conway who did not fair well against an under-funded opponent in the primary is picking up support from Republicans and Democrats in the area. Reports that Conway scored $5,000 from a small group today is proof enough for me that the Democrat's are picking up the pace in the Pennyrile.

Much of the day was spent with Rep. Tilley who knocked out a fundraiser, a sportsmanship banquet and a fundraising planning session for Todd Hollenbach for Trigg County. Things are not looking very good for the Republican's right now. I just found out that Republican supporters for Todd Hollenbach in Trigg County have had their huge Hollenbach signs up for a month.

Interesting information from the Rural Democrat and Page One regarding some questionable conduct on behalf of Secretary of State Trey Grayson. I will look into this further.

Also, Congrats go out to Madisonville Mayor Will Cox for being nominated and selected to the Pritchard Committee For Academic Excellence. Cox, who also serves on the KET Friends Board, will do a great job in this capacity.

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