Monday, September 17, 2007

Tilley Host Sportsmanship Dinner

Rep. John Tilley, who was a walk-on football player at the University of Kentucky, will be hosting a dinner to promote sportsmanship in his district. This years banquet will include the players and staff of the Hopkinsville and Christian County Football Teams. The banquet will be held this Thursday at the Hopkinsville- Christian County Memorial Building and catered by Al C. Rutland.

For the first time in years, Hoptown and Christian County are in the same district and will square off this Friday night at the Stadium of Champions. Dixie Jones and Steve Lovelace who are the head coaches for their respective schools will each speak on the importance of good sportsmanship. Each coach has asked a few of their team leaders to answer questions from the local media.

People outside the area don't realize that Christian County is home to 5, yes five, High Schools. Hopkinsville HS, Christian Co, HS, Fort Campbell HS, University Heights Academy, and Christian Heritage Academy.

Hopkinsville has the social, economic and racial make-up of any large city. Boasting a diverse community that has a military installation and one, if not, the largest African-American populations in Kentucky percentage wise. Our area has the pit falls of a large city in which it is not hard for our students to stumble. I agree with that "Woman" I don't like that it does take a village to raise a child. Our communities must come together to help raise other children besides our own or else the consequences are troubling. People joke at times that the two nicest buildings in Hopkinsville are the jail and the justice center. We need to over come this.

Representive Tilley is to be commended for doing his part in promoting good sportsmanship and civic responsibility.

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