Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kentucky House Returns Pay

The Kentucky House of Representatives kept their promise and returned their legislative pay. The House Democratic Office offered the following in a recent press release.

FRANKFORT, Ky.-- Members of the House of Representatives returned nearly $105,000 to the Kentucky State Treasurer today, making good n their pledge to reject pay for the special session that began and ended in the House on July 5.

"This gives Kentucky Taxpayers the clear assurance that they weren't left footing the bill for the unnecessary special session," House Speaker Jody Richards said. "We remain committed to the simple principle of no pay for no work."

...The reimbursement is in addition to more than $408,000 in session pay and expenses that House legislators agreed to forgo for the period of July 16-29, which were later classified by the Legislative Research Commission as "interim days." And it is on top of nearly $146,000 the state recouped when representatives convened in special session in late August without pay, to reconcile for days in July when they received compensation but were not in session.

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