Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome Back Melvin

As everyone knows already, State Rep. Melvin Henley switched back to the Democrat Party last week. Henley who has tried to vote the majority view of his district has been frustrated with a number of things. My sources tell me that his biggest consideration for switching back was the lack of support and relationship with Robbie Rudolph.

If anyone thought about running against House Speaker Jody Richards then they should probably think again. Speaker Richards, while maybe losing some political clout in the eyes of some after running for Governor, will be as strong as ever now. Moderate to conservative democrats in rural and West Ky. that are leaning towards Beshear, as opposed to sitting at home on election day, feel better about the party knowing that Speaker Richards will be in charge of the House.

Melvin Henley should be able to retain his seat next year whereas it appears that Hal Kemp will not seek to oust Henley again. Kemp made his first run for public office last year losing to Henley. Kemp, who is very well liked, owns the Dairy Queen and is the son-in-law of the former Head Football Coach at Murray State, the late Bill Furgerson.

I still believe the media missed one the biggest scandals in recent history regarding Robbie Rudolph, E.W. Dennison, and former head football coach Joe Punnunzio. Having been a football coach I can't tell you(or won't) the stories that came back to town from former players and students regarding these guys. Dr. King Alexander who did wonders for MSU battled to try to clean up these mafia types and the conduct that came along with them. Just to share one of these episodes, Punnunzio carried a convicted felon on parole on the team plane with him when they played Minnesota. Punnunzio is now the special teams and tight ends coach at the University of Miami. How fitting. Houston Nutt built MSU football into a National power only to see Punnunzio destroy it in a couple of years. The stories of drugs, frat and sorority parties go on and on. E.W. Dennison who was AD and his best friend Robbie Rudolph did every thing in their power to stop Dr. King Alexander from cleaning out the rats and the mess in the Athletic Dept. at MSU. It makes one wonder why Rudolph continues to support and finance Dennison's law suits. Somebody has something on somebody. There is nothing new at Kentucky Central that everyone does not already know. Bloggers, get your shovels and start digging at MSU. I bet Dr. King Alexander could write a book on the subject.

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