Monday, September 17, 2007

Cox: Mayor 24 Hours A Day

I took time off to visit my friend Will Cox and his wife Marci Friday night. Will, who is Mayor of Madisonville, invited me to have dinner and attend the Hopkinsville-Madisonville football game. It was not a good football weekend for me. Madisonville beat Hopkinsville for only the second time in 25 years. Notre Dame and Louisville went down to defeat. I have to give Kentucky and Madisonville credit they played well and deserved their W"s. I won't congratulate Michigan.

After the Madisonville game we were on our way back to the Mayor's house when the vehicle in front of us veered a number of times into on coming traffic nearly causing a head on collision more than once. Mayor Cox was quick to dial the EOC. At this point things got exciting!! I felt like I was in an episode of TOP COPS. Much to the dismay of the Mayor's wife, I was singing "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Cha gone a do when they come for you", while he was trying to update the location of the suspects on his cell phone. Our mini-chase led us through down town Madisonville to the South and onto Hwy 70. After turning onto Hwy 70, the Madisonville police came roaring past us with blue lights a blazing. Two units had responded very quickly to the Mayors call and by the time we circled the block they already had the suspects outside their vehicle. The driver, who was apparently so "High", had to be helped by the policeman into his free ride to the Hopkins Co. Jail. A pretty exciting night for me and a good birthday for Mayor Cox whereas he might have saved somebody's life that night.

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