Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Todd County Politics

The Todd County Democrat Rally is yet to be scheduled according to Todd County PVA, Perry Stokes. The calendar posting events on the KDP website has the rally scheduled for this Thursday night which is not correct. Perry Stokes said this afternoon " The party must be posting our request." Stokes when on to say that they our hoping for September 20th or 27th as a possible date to hold the rally. The rally will be held at the town square.

Todd County received some attention just prior to the May Primary when a reporter from the Todd County Standard appeared on KET's "Comment on Kentucky". The reporter noted that not a single candidate for office had campaigned in Todd County.

Having grown up a court house rat in Todd County, I spent a lot of years drinking coffee and dipping snuff in the PVA's office. Virgil Monroe, who was the long-time PVA would always bring Boone Stokes, who was the jailer over to the office and we would figure out the politics of the day. Virgil and Boone were always good about telling me what I needed to know.

I miss those days. Everyone is gone from the Courthouse that I really knew. Boone, Virgil, Judge Mallory and Jimmy Groves to name a few. Jimmy retired as Clerk and ran against Sheldon Baugh a number of years back but lost. When June Lyon, who was from Logan County, gave up her seat in the Legislature it was at the height of a very unpopular time for the Democrats at the national level. Baugh, a Republican, is well liked in a very conservative district. Sometimes friendship nixes the best laid plans and it would be hard for me to go against Sheldon Baugh since he was a close friend to the family and served as pall bearer at both my father and mother's funeral.

But everything changes and you can't stop change. A lesson we really have not cared for in Western Kentucky. We would be better served if we spent our time trying to shape the changes in our little world for the better as opposed to always trying to stop changes. I'll look forward to meeting and getting to know Perry Stokes. If he is anything like his father was, then he is probably one hell of a guy. You have to like a guy whose email address is rabbit hunter. I'm sure Perry and people like Mac Johns, who is County Attorney, are serving their people well. Again I will look forward to being in Todd County again and seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones. Let's hope the Party gets on the ball and gets the ticket to Todd County!

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