Friday, February 1, 2008

Corley C. Everett Seeking 3rd Congressional Seat

Louisville native Corley Conrad Everett is seeking the Republican nomination for the 3rd Congressional District. Everett is making such issues as illegal immigration and energy the cornerstones of his campaign.

Everett has been active in Jefferson County Republican politics for a number of years and has also sought office before. Recently, as the committee treasurer, Everett worked to defeat the proposed Library tax in Jefferson Co. The tax referendum failed by a large margin due to the efforts of Conservatives like Everett and Chris Thieneman. It must be noted that Thieneman, a former U&L standout football player had filed for the 3rd Congressional seat but withdrew this week. Thieneman withdrew stating that Mitch McConnell and his staff had pressured him to get out of the race. In disgust at McConnell' tactics, he withdrew and stated that he was switching to the Democrat Party.

In an interview this afternoon with Corley Everett, he offered up some of his positions as well as the difference between him and Anne Northup who is trying to win her former seat back. Everett stated that he was Pro-life and supported agriculture. "Anne Northup was no friend to Kentucky's agriculture community" said Everett.

I think it would be safe to say that Everett is a true Conservative. He supports the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms and believes in government being fiscally responsible. An ardent supporter of a strong defense, Everett said "I would support writing a check for anything that Fort Campbell or Fort Knox needs to carry out their missions".

Stating that he believes that he may be a politcally incorrect conservative, Everett said that he was not convinced of the global warming arguments whereas he believes they are enviormental trends. Everett did go on to say that there are things we can do to protect our enviorment but does not feel it is necessary to go to the extremes as called for by global warming enthusiast.

Everett stated that the Nation needed to be more energy dependent and he strongly supported opening up the Anwar National Wildlife Refuge for drilling oil. "Had Bill Clinton not vetoed this American could have created an estimated 500,000 new jobs". Everett also said that he believed that the opportunity to drill in Alaska would have provided the oil industry the incentives to build new refineries. Advocating coal, Everett said that Kentucky needs to have the opportunity to harvest its coal which would create new jobs and energy for Kentucky.

Regarding the Washington proposal for tax rebates, Everett stated that he did not support this measure for stimulating the economy. Everett said he was opposed to giving rebate checks to people who did not pay any taxes. "Across the board spending cuts and cracking down on Social Security fraud are better ways to stimulate the economy,"said Everett.

Illegal imigration seems to be the biggest issue for Mr. Everett. He advocates no new immigration as well as deporting all illegal immigrants. You can learn more about Corley Everett's campaign for Congress by going to his website:


Anonymous said...

Everett ran in 2006 as a liberal Republican against the Reverend Tom Riner in the 41st, espousing such issues as the Fairness Ordinance for gays and lesbians, and calling for increases in social programs. He lost big, so I guess he switched from one end of the political spectrum to the other.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Everett was and always has been a consistant conservative.Maybe some other Republican running for Congress needs to say more smarter thing.

Anonymous said...

I went to college with this loser. He consistantly waved his rascist colors on campus and discredited the college republicans. Here is a guy who could not get elected on a campus where if you just got your friends to vote for you, you were elected. Couldn't get elected in Louisville and now needs a job. Corley, go out and get a job, and actually contribute to society. Also I always found it funny that you were at the GLOBAL meetings but never came out.

Anonymous said...

That last comment is so funny.Some bitter overweight,aging faggot doesn't like Mr.Everett and tells lies about him. Also, he or "she" or whatever "it" is should learn how to spell racist. Maybe you should put your name on here. You know?

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