Friday, February 22, 2008

West Ky. In Frankfort: Rep. Yonts

Brent Yonts

H-15, Representing Muhlenberg, Hopkins & Christian

Primary Sponsor of (16) Bills

HB-46: Establish the Kentucky 21st Century Scholars Program and Fund to provide enrolled students with up to 100% of the total cost of education at any state public college or university minus any federal and state scholarship or grants they may receive. Jan 9th to Education Committee.

HB-50: Withdrawn

HB-54: Require counseling for tenth-grade students related to choosing an academic or career and technical track. Kentucky Board of Education shall arrange the courses of study in an academic track and a career and technical track: require that the state assessments not be given prior to the first week of May of each school year. Jan.10th to Education Committee

HB-65: Establish the Kentucky Medal of Freedom Award for soldiers killed on or after Jan. 1,1991. Must be a legal resident of Kentucky. Reported favorably and posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Feb. 25th

HB-83: Relating to Water Districts(Covers a lot of ground so go to Bill if interested) allowing County Judge Executive to appoint two additional Commissioners with Fiscal Court approval when two or more water districts merge. Allow districts to extend into one or more adjacent counties. Jan. 25 passed House 90-0. Jan.30th to Ag.& Natural Resources Committee in Senate.

HB-126: Require compulsory school attendance between ages of 6-17. Jan.11th to Education Committee.

HB-127: Relating to Guardians. Allowing a guadian to place ward's assets in a bank or federally insured credit union under the same terms and conditions as allowed currently when the fiduciary is itself a bank. Jan 10th to Judiciary Committee.

HB-128: Relating to Eggs. Jan.18th passed House 85-0, Jan.24th to Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

HB-129: Relating to the use of juries in competency hearings conducted in guardianship proceedings. Would allow a bench trial when the parties agree, there is no objection form interested parties and judge finds no cause for jury trial. Jan. 10th to Judiciary Committee.

HB-205: Allow adjacent property oweners that own land adjacent to a lake owned by the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources to apply for a permit to erect structures on the banks, shoreline, orinto the water of the lake. Jan. 10th to Natural Resources and Environment Committee.

HB-251: An act relating to Government Contracts. Jan. 28th passed House 87-0 as amended, Jan. 31st to Senate State & Local Government Committee.

HB-342: Require a child be 5 years of age by Aug. 1st to enter a primary school program. Jan.24th to Education Committee.

HB-379: Establish due process and hearing procedures for classified employees notified that their contracts will not be renewed. Establish right of appeal to Circuit Court. Passed House 94-3.Feb 20th to Senate Education Committee.

HB-463: Relating to Credit Card Accounts. Payment shall be deemed received by the payee on the date of the U.S. Postmark stamped on the envelope. Feb. 6th to Banking & Insurance.

HB-534: Require Insurance carrier to provide notice to a certificate holder, beneficiary, or any individual provided proof of insurance if a workers compensation insurance policy has lapsed, expired, or has been cancelled, terminated, or not renewed. Feb.21st reported favorably by Labor & Industry Committee, 1st reading, to Calendar.

HB-148: Honor former winners of the title of Kentuckky Mr. Basketball upon the occasion of their visit to the chamber. Adopted by voice vote.

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