Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dawson Springs Votes to Party

I thought that I would never live to see the day that Dawson Springs would vote to go wet. The sleepy little town on the Hopkins County-Christian County line has always been known for its strict morals and staunch conservatism. The home of Steve Beshear. Dear God what is the world coming to.

It appears that the wet forces carried the day with 54% of the vote. I have contacted a couple of friends to get their take on the outcome of this election and this is what I got.

"The local bootlegger died and no one stepped up to fill his shoes or his bottles."

"The thought of having a woman president or a black president was too much for them to take so they have been forced to start drinking".

"Dawson Springs has had everyone coming and going for years, they were never that conservative to begin with"

OK, enough of letting my friends weigh in. Dawson Springs lost the Buckhorn plant which hit their city budget hard so liquor sales was the quickest and maybe only option to make up the lost revenue.

With Pennyrile State Park close by it may be a place for a few slot machines. Now that this issue is on my mind I'm not sure that if Kentucky chooses to have expanded gambling then I think that the State should operate it and it should only be allowed at State Parks. How's that for an idea.

I guess we will never think of Dawson Springs the same way again.

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