Thursday, February 28, 2008

Escape to the Mountains of Western Maine

It always makes my day when people from out of state contact me to let me know they read the Underground Rooster . Beth Maddaus pictured left is one of these such folks. Beth is an attorney in Maine and has her own Blog called Beth's Stories.

If you love the mountains and the outdoors you will enjoy taking a look at Beth's site. Beth, while growing up and living all over the country has family roots in Hopkinsville and Elkton. The Grand daughter of Martin Standard of Elkton and Sara Higgins of Hopkinsville, Beth claims our area as home. The family house still remains on East 7th street in Hopkinsville which I have pictured below.

Living in Western Maine, Beth practices law from an old carriage house on her property. One could become very envious of Beth's life by looking at her website. If you want to escape the world of politics and Western Ky. for a few minutes, I would encourage you to look at her site whereas she has some great pictures for those who love the outdoors. My best to Beth and thanks for keeping up on the Underground Rooster.Beth site is

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Beth said...

Thank you for the kind words--but it is me that is envious--you all get to actually live in the place that has always been home no matter where I actually live.