Friday, February 22, 2008

West Ky. In Frankfort: Rep. Tilley

Madisonville Mayor Will Cox gave me a gentle nudge concerning my lack of reporting on what our Legislators are doing in Frankfort this session so I will take that and run with it. I will try to outline what Bills our Legislators are primary sponsors of and their status as well as share what our local politicians have been doing in Frankfort this session.

This will be done in sections to cover Representatives: Tilley, Baugh, Yonts, Dossett, Henley, Ballard and Cherry along with the State Senators from the Pennyrile Region.

One can connect to the General Assembly Home Page and click Legislative Record to go to "Bill Watch". Bill watch is free and all you need to do is sign up by giving a name and password. It allows you to view legislation as well as track it.

We will start with everyones favorite:

Rep. John C. Tilley

H-8 Representing Christian and Trigg

Primary Sponsor of (9) Nine Bills

HB-120: Ky. Education Excellence Scholarship Program

HB-132: Would allow District Judges to approve Notary Publics

HB-147: Would allow Kentucky Dept. of Veterans Affairs to act as a Fiduciary.(As I understand it this would allow KVA to act as a legal guardian for a disabled veteran)

HB-162: Would require Insurance companies to cover the cost of test for Colorectal Cancer Detection. (Tilley has put a lot of time into this legislation) I believe it has been reported favorably twice by the Committee and is ready for the Orders of the Day on Monday)

HB-163: Regarding Military Pay

HB-244: Regarding Edcuation opportunities for Military Children

HB-277: Property tax exemption for broadcasting equipment.(It is important to have a healthy respect for the media when your in politics)

HB-318: Regarding unemployment insurance for military dependents( I think this allows dependents to keep their benefits even if they are transfered out of state)

HB-546: Regarding Domestic Relations.(Who can be against Domestic Relations)

Tilley also has been holding on to his State Income Tax Military Exemption Bill but this legislation will struggle this session because of the financial crisis in Frankfort.

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