Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Speaker Richards Deals With Unethical Behavior

There is no greater breech of ethics for a legislator than to lie or mislead your leadership. Rep. Dottie Sims had committed to voting in favor of Speaker Richards version of a Bill to allow expanded gaming in Kentucky. In the end, without informing Leadership of her intentions to change her vote she reneged on her promise to vote a certain way.

Rep. Sims was not born last night. She is not a freshman legislator. She should be well aware of the of the ethics involved. If your word is no good then you don't have a future in politics. Rep. Sims by her own actions embarrassed not only herself but Speaker Richards and the House Leadership.

I like many have felt that Speaker Richards was too nice for his own good many times. Today, I could not be any more proud of Speaker Richards actions. For Dottie Sims transgressions, she was removed by the House Committee on Committees, which is basically House Leadership, from her position as a member of the House Elections, Constitutional Amendment and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.

Speaker Richards appointed Tim Firkins of Louisville and John Will Stacey of West Liberty to the Committee. The time has been drawing near for a few weeks for the Speaker to get everyone on the same page and I am glad that he has made an example of someone whose actions have shown the most blatant disregard for ethics and decorum.

Rep. Sims offered up some lame excuse that she had heard from members in her district who were horse people. Yea, right. If your hearing from horse people in Western Kentucky then that means the Amish are going to start racing their plow horses and mules.

This was a defining moment in Jody Richards career in my mind. When I think back to my hero Bill "Boom Boom" Kenton it is exactly what he would have done. You gavel them down when they get out of line.

And may the Lord had His Blessing to the reading of the Word. Amen


Anonymous said...

I sure she had a good reason to change her mind. I guess you need to read the entire bill before jumping the gun on comment like this. There is always somthing hidden with these bills. By the way she stood up for what she thought was right.

Tim Havrilek said...

Your either a novice when it comes to legislative politics or just not real smart or both. You answer to your leadership period if you ever expect to pass a piece of legislation or serve on a committee worth serving on. You don't give your word and then change your mind without informing leadership. But of course were talking about Dottie Sims which pretty much sums it up to begin with. Now she can crawl into a corner with Larry Clark and continue the path of Political insignificance as the rest of the Jefferson County Delegation.Jefferson County has elected how many Governor's, I believe one in the History of Kentucky. I really should be paid to continue to providing first grade political lessons.Your gonna have to get up early in the morning to out smart Jody Richards and Greg Stumbo.