Friday, February 22, 2008

West Ky. In Frankfort: Rep. Ballard

Rep. Eddie Ballard

H-10, Representing Hopkins County

Primary Sponsor of (6) Bills

HB- 207: An Act relating to vehicle license plates. Creates a "In God We Trust" license plate. Passed House 98-0 with Committee Substitute. Received in Senate on Feb. 21

HB-284: Relating to Disabled Veterans. Exempts 100% disabled veterans from having to file paperwork with the PVA annually. Passed House 92-0. Reported favorably, 1st Reading in Senate.

HB-303: Related to single family dwellings. To require the adoption of administrative regulations concerning smoke detectors in single family dwellings. Posted Feb. 5th to Local Government Committee.

HB-554: Relating to trespass on retail or commercial premises. To establish the crime of trespassing on retail and commercial premises when a person enters a driveway or parking lot of a business without conducting business, or in violation of posted signs specifying property regulations. Feb 21st to House Judiciary Committee.

HB-593: Relating to Jury Service. Would allow anyone 72 years of age or older to be exempt from jury duty if the so choose. Introduced in House Feb. 20th.

HB-594: Relating to Public Health. Establish that a person with an "eligible medical condition" shall have access to an employee toilet facility in a public and semi-public building.

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