Friday, February 1, 2008

Domestic Partner Benefits


The State Senate passed SB-112 by a vote of 30-5. The Bill would ban universities and public agencies from providing health insurance benefits to domestic partners. A similar Bill HB-118 is in the House Health and Welfare Committee but it remains to be seen if it will be called up.

The votes are probably there to by-pass the Committee and bring it to the floor since so many Democrats have co-sponsored the legislation. Many West Kentucky Representatives have co-sponsored the Bill. They include: Mike Cherry-Caldwell Co.,Tommy Thompson-Owensboro, Jim Gooch-Webster Co., Brent Yonts-Greenville, Eddie Ballard-Madisonville, Melvin Henly-Murray, and Fred Nesler-Mayfield. A total of 20 House members have signed on as sponsors of the Bill.

Andrew Horne
Lt. Col. Andrew Horne, democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate has released some of his platforms says the good folks at . You can also use my link to your right. You can also go to Horne's website to check him out.

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